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South Africa Day Bloemfontein Established

As SA Day, we are delighted and grateful for the interest you have shown to help to drive the establishment of South Africa Day in Bloemfontein, with the help of the Bloemfontein business community.

The best way to introduce South Africa Day in Bloemfontein is to start by embarking on the Bloemfontein Makeover Project in the same way we have done in Coligny, and the initial focus would be on the cleaning and beautification of Bloemfontein. As I did indicate, this is something that works very well if it is led by the business community.

SA Day would also like to partner with the business community in Bloemfontein to grow the economy of Bloemfontein, which would be achieved through the SA Day Business Development and Investment initiative.

We thank you for your support of South Africa Day.

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